The Armchair

"The Armchair" is the embodiment of a new take at a modern and structural lounge chair. Built with ergonomics and comfort in mind, this one seater does not shy away from exposing its steel and brass structural undercarriage, while creating a contrasting image with its upholstered and more comfortable nature. Borrowing its stylistic queues from the opulent Art Deco era, "The Armchair" through its proportion, materiality, and tactility plays with the user's initial perceptions while bringing him back to familiarity.

Materials: American Walnut  -  Steel  -  Brass  -  Linen

Dimensions: 77cm  x  75cm x 85cm 

This handmade piece is fully customizable  and usually takes between 3-4 weeks to produce.

© 2018 by Studio A 

The Armchair